Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kids, Alpacas, Birds and Bees Just Because

It is finally WARM! Today is gorgeous! I can get used to 60 degrees.  This morning I planned on doing the 10 on 10 link up, but I quickly started taking too many pictures. I just upgraded my camera gear! I bought a Canon EOS 60D body. No I can't afford it, but I couldn't live without it anymore. There was a used on at my local camera shop and it was in great condition so I finally decided to upgrade. Now I'll have to sell my other camera..... but before I find time to do that I took a gazillion pictures this morning.

Today was the first time in a very very very long time we could wait for the bus outside!

Seriously can this dog get any cuter. She carries a teddy bear around with her to use as a bed in her favorite sun spots throughout the day. 

Farm chores were a pleasure today. Look how green everything is getting!

In exciting news one of my pictures of CCNF Smoke Ring I took in the Fall is going to be on the cover of the 2014-2015 Alpaca Owners Guide! I am so honored and excited. My sister is also in the picture. We are all so excited. The picture is also going to be in the USA Today. AOA is using it as an ad. I told Smoke Ring, but he didn't seem to be as excited as the rest of us.

I need to get some fleece shots of the alpacas, but since I was by myself this morning. I couldn't really get a good one. Even though Smoke Ring stood perfectly still I needed two hands to keep his fleece open. So I settled for one hand on his fleece and one on the camera. I'll get better shots when I have help. His fleece is AMAZING!

Smoke Ring and Kigo eating some hay together.  The two studs of the farm.

Bing posing for the camera.


Awan and Blue


Hello blue bird.

Okay now I really must get something productive done :)  I hope you enjoyed seeing my morning.
Oh I almost forgot here is a fun little video I took of Maggie. She bumped her teeth on the hood of my camera lens at the end. She is a funny girl.


Olwyn Morinski said...

I asolutely love looking at your excellent photos. Son, dog, alpacas, watching them all grow and change over the past months has been a real pleasure to experience. And thank you for the charming video! What an elegant gait alpacas have; I had no idea. Enjoy your blog very much. Oh, and congrats on the selection of your photo of Smoke Ring as well.

Ida said...

Wonderful post. Your boy is really adorable. The Alpacas are delightful, so was that dog with the teddy bear.

karen said...

lovely, especially the teddy bear toting dog! It's finally decent weather here and I'm grateful.

Deanna said...

Ahh, congrats on the new camera. And some pretty great shots too!! And also your image being chosen to appear in a exciting is that!!??