Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sunset Fishing

The weather finally warmed up today! We were out and about and I couldn't resist pulling the car over for a sunset shot. Looks like these guys had a great view of the sunset.
In my head today I kept saying "Happy cows come from California". Like that commercial always says. I have to think people who live in warmer climates year round must be much happier, but I'll take the cold snowy winters.  It makes me appreciate the beautifully warm days just that much more.  I also guess the extremely hot Summer days make me appreciate the snowy days. But still mild weather I could enjoy that too.
Either way you won't get me moving too far from my beloved beach :)


Brian King said...

Nice! The color and silhouettes are great!

MarmePurl said...

So glad you Pulled over to share that shot with us. STUNNING>

Debbie said...

What a beautiful sunset and image, I missed it!!

I LOVE all the seasons and I adore the beach....I don't think I could live anywhere else!!