Monday, December 9, 2013

It's beginning...

to look a lot like Christmas.

For the record I am very allergic to Poinsettias. It took me many years to figure it out, but they make me sneeze like crazy! My cousin had given me two beautiful planters when she moved to Texas. They have sat empty in my front yard since July. I wanted to fill them with artificial poinsettias, but I haven't gotten to a store that has the false ones and I saw two huge live ones that were super cheap so I put them in the planters and crossed my fingers that they might live outside until Christmas.  It's been a week and they look beautiful. I actually really wanted them for a backdrop for a Christmas card picture. So just in case they do die soon I better get those pictures taken!

We have our tree up and it is so fun going back through all our special ornaments and decorations. Some that were gifted to us and some that were made special by us.  They all have special meaning and I love the flood of memories that come with them.

Tiny started speech today. He goes once a week for one hour. It is glorious! I sit in the waiting room knitting and listening to my audio book. As my grandmother would have said "I am recharging." My Mommom would say that about church. Every week she recharged at church. I think it is so important to find your recharging moment once a week. I know where I'll find mine for the next 9 months that Tiny is signed up for speech :)

We had a beautiful coating of snow yesterday and last night. I had been at the farm all day and when I got home it was dark. I took Rudee out on a leash and the boys came running out in their pjs, Tiny with his walking boot and bare foot, and they were throwing snow balls. The snow looked beautiful on all the Christmas decorations. The lights were twinkling and the boys laughing was contagious. Of course I was yelling at Tiny for being outside with a broken leg, no coat, no sock and tossing snowballs into the house, but to be honest I was enjoying the moment just as much as them. It was the first snowfall! There is no time for proper attire, just get out there!


Deanna said...

Ahh, I didn't know that Tiny broke his leg...I'm sorry. But glad to hear that while Tiny is in speech class that you will gain your re-charge time. Yes, we all do need that time. Glad to hear you all are enjoying the holidays, bare-feet and all!!

Debbie said...

Pretty pictures of your Christmas decorations!! Looks like you will get a second chance today!! It's really coming down now!!