Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Great Weekend

My parents open house at their farm, Arrow Acres Farm, was a huge success this weekend.  We had so many visitors and it was great to see some familiar faces and new faces.  We guess we had at least 500 visitors on Saturday and then at least another 500 more on Sunday.  Everywhere you looked there were people!  Some people stayed for 15 minutes and some found a comfy chair and stayed for hours.  Either way the weather was absolutely perfect and I can't say thank you enough to all the people who came out to support our farm.
I have the crummy lucky job of working the register inside the showroom (Christina from Chelsea Yarns took a picture of me hard at work you can check it out on her blog).  While everyone was outside enjoying the beautiful day I am stuck inside, but I can't complain. I love talking knitting, alpacas, and all other fun farm stuff. I do appreciate my role at the register in the Winter when I'd rather be inside then the bitter cold. So it all works out. 
The nice thing about decorating on a farm is that you can pretty much get all the décor from the farm. So Friday my mother and I cut down some Indian corn for decorating and she later picked some flowers.  We also picked some gourds.

I knitted up some hats with yarn from their alpacas. This year when we got the yarn back from the fiber mill we had it spun in cones, then my sister winded it into skeins. I got all the yarn that didn't make it into full skeins. It was perfect for a Kex hat. I got it done just in time to be able so show people what the farm yarn looks knitted up. I also got a few other hats made, but I didn't take pictures of them yet.

Back at the open house my sister Liz got to do some spinning demonstrations.

I peeked my head out of the coop to take a few pictures.  There were people everywhere! My parents were walking around and answering questions and talking to all the visitors.

My sister Leanne got to spend some quality time in the pen with some of the alpacas. They had a pen set up so everyone was able to get up close to them. As the day went on they would switch out alpacas. Blue didn't really like the pen he is a climber and thought it was a fun jungle gym.  I missed pictures of that.

I occasional would see an alpaca coming into the coop led by my Mom.  I couldn't resist getting a few pictures with my cell phone.

Mean while back in the coop we sold lots of yarn, socks, toys, notecards and alpaca apparel.


It was a great weekend and again I'd like to thank everyone that came out. We'll be open again after Thanksgiving and then on the weekends until January. We'll be posting the hours as soon as we figure out what times are going to be best.
Brady my five year old came home from school with this wonderful picture of him, an alpaca, mommom's house, the alpaca barn, clouds, sky and sun.

I thought it was a very impressive drawing and then I wondered to myself if his new teacher knows what alpacas are? I hope she appreciated his art skills. The spelling has a ways to go.  I think that is pretty good alpaca.
Also in puppy news.  Miss Rudee is doing great!
She loves the boys and we love her.  Brady carries her around the house and she loves every second of it.  We took her to the vet and she was a very well behaved little girl.

She is just about 11 weeks old and she is the cutest thing ever.
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TexWisGirl said...

rudee is adorable. i know one purple-loving lady who enjoyed your folks' open house a lot. :)

Debbie said...

oh i love what tex wrote!! i had a blast andee, i loved and appreciated every. single. second.

i also LOVE the two scarfs i bought as gifts. fingers crossed that one or both don't end up around my neck ;)

Debbie said...

oh and rudee is just adorable!!

Deanna said...

Love those perky ears on Rudee...looks like a delightful and sucessfull weekend!!