Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Yarn Along & Open House

Yesterday I got my hands on my parents new alpaca yarn. It just came back from the fiber mill. I couldn't wait to get it on my needles. I knitted up a Betsy hat by Jane Richmond. This yarn worked wonderful for this pattern and it knit us so quickly.  The yarn I used is a combination of the gray and rose gray girls.


I got a second Betsy on my needles because I loved how the first one came out. Also on my needles is a Celes by Jared Flood. I am also working on a Kex Scarf by Stephen West.  I am loving the variety of knitting projects I have going on at the moment.

I got some new note cards printed up to sell at the farm.

My parents farm, Arrow Acres Farm, is having an open house this weekend. September 28th & 29th. We will be open to the public from 10:00 - 4:00 so if you are in the NJ area come on by and see us!
You can get up close to the alpacas and check out all the goodies in our showroom.  It is a really fun weekend and three of the girls are due to have babies. So there could be a chance that one of them delivers during the festivities.  That would be craziness I tell you.
If you can make it to the farm. I am usually in the showroom the entire time. I work the register and I chat about yarn and alpacas all day.  The weather looks like it is going to be perfect for the event. I am so excited.
Joining with Ginny's Yarn Along


karen said...

lovely yarn and project, I wish I lived a bit closer so I could meet you! Have fun at the open house!

mamabyrd said...

What a fun hat pattern. I just added it to my raverly favorites. That's really neat that you have a personal connection with your yarn donor.

MarmePurl said...

Dang. Wish I could take a drive up...pressing plans already made.
Beautiful knitting. I can almost feel the soft luxury right through the monitor.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Okay, THAT'S my next small project! You are amazing, woman!!!

Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley said...

Beautiful knits and a lovely pattern. Such wonderfulness. :)

EMMA said...

Shame I don't live closer, I would love to visit your parents farm.
Lovely hat, gosh you knit quick!

Cathie J said...

Your knitting is beautiful.

Leslie said...

Great hat!
Love the alpacas, if I lived closer I be attending

Debbie said...

Awesome images Andee, I had a blast on Sunday!!

ooohhhh and I love the hat!!