Sunday, September 1, 2013

Morning Farm Chores

Yes I am pretty sure Blue is the coolest alpaca in the world.  I was helping my parents out this morning with some farm chores. My dad was adding stone dust in front of the boys shed and we moved some floor matts around.
Smoke Ring made sure my father was doing everything right.
"Hey guys come check this out."
Awan, Blue and Kigo came over for further inspection.

Blue is very pleased with his upgraded digs. No more dirt and nice level stone dust. What more can an alpaca wish for?!

I also swung by the girls to see how they were doing. Miss Jatoba had a clover in her mouth and it just made her look even cuter than normal. She is so sweet. She came over and gave me a kiss and didn't drop the clover. She is so fancy.

Mr. Bates, Aponi, Jatoba, Francesa and Swag were kind enough to all stop and look at the camera for me.  I am loving that their fleeces are coming back in.  It looks like the weather is going to be cooling off soon! We are ready to get rid of this humidity.
I saw this pretty purple flower growing in the field and I couldn't resist taking a picture. 

Happy September!


TexWisGirl said...

blue is very handsome - i like his spots. and jatoba with the clover is adorable.

Melissa aka twoknitwit said...

all the alpaca are looking a little fluffy again ~ I noticed :)

blue is so handsome!

fjord girl said...

They seems like they are such wonderful bunch - great personalities Andee- it must be so fun to be around them. The one with clover in the mouth...swoon.

Debbie said...

They are spoiled rotten and oh so beautiful!! I am ready for fall, this weekend was a killer with all that humidity!!