Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Yarn and Knitting

Chelsea yarns opened up not far from where I live.  After my first time shopping there I knew this was yarn heaven. There are so many amazing yarns to pick from.  I was excited when I got my next test knit assignment and I knew I didn't have yarn in my stash. It meant I got to take a trip to Chelsea yarn. Woo Hoo. So today I went by and picked up 4 skeins of Malabrigo Twist in #618 Liquid Amber.  I wish I could tell you want I am knitting with it, but it will have to wait until after the pattern is published (sometime in the Fall). But you can take a peek at the yarn for the time being.

I feel like I have been knitting so much lately. Some of it I haven't been able so share because they are test knits and I can't reveal them until after the patterns are published.
But I have been plugging away on my Quill
It is hard to photograph at this point, but it has been a joy to work on. I made post about it here with the knit along I am doing.
I wanted something pretty to make with my Miss Bab's yummy sock yarn. When I came across this "EZ 100th Anniversary Camping Half Circle" I thought it was the perfect pattern.  It is inspired by Elizabeth Zimmermann's camping trips.
The pattern is by Mwaa Knit
~The theme of the Camping shawl is the wonderful camping trips that EZ describes. In the Knitter’s Almanac, page 85, she describes being over 60, water-camping and fishing in the Canadian north woods. Spectacular! There are other stories about camping by the Mississippi, “dandled by the milky ripples” of the river (The Opinionated Knitter, page 70). But my absolute favourite is about a camping trip on a remote island in northern Canada, in late September 1971, with Elizabeth, the Old Man, and KLINE, the cat (The Opinionated Knitter, pages 38-41). If you have never read this, you simply must get hold of it.
The Camping theme:
-- 72 and 144 st rings: Paw Prints (adapted from
The Haapsalu Shawl page 131), to honour KLINE the cat, and all our furry companions.
-- 288 st ring: Slanting Twigs (page 119), to represent a walk in the forest with sun shining through the trees.
-- 576 st ring: Willow Leaves (page 105), to celebrate the beauty of everything growing and green.
-- Edging: I’m calling this Waves and Droplets. Based on
TiaJudy’s scalloped edging to represent water lapping up at the edge of the lake or river, and rolling back across the sand and rocks.~

With my upcoming camping trip I just couldn't resist this pattern! The bonus is the pattern is free.  It is a joy to knit. 
I am really enjoying having a selection of things to knit these days. That is a big stretch for me since I usually only work on one thing at a time. But I am really enjoying having the options.

Oh and when I haven't been working or knitting we have been having a ton of fun. Yesterday we went to Six Flags Great Adventure with my sister Leanne and my nephews. We had an awesome time!


karen said...

I love EZ everything! and that pink is definitely a lush perfect pink!!! Have fun :)

Nancy said...

I am drooling...that yarn is gorgeous...

October Rose said...

Oh my goodness. That Malabrigo is amazing. I haven't seen that colorway before, I don't think.

Debbie said...

gorgeous yarn....

did you ride through the new safari?? i have been wanting to see it but was worried about the heat. if the bus/car had a/c or was open air!!

Lori ann said...

andee if i were a designer i would want you for my test knitter. your work is gorgeous. thank you for sharing about ez's camping shawl, i must have one too! camping, shawls and ez are all favorites!

Lori ann said...

love all those boys!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Your post makes me wish I had more enthusiasm for knitting. Lovely yarns!

Mother4 said...

I have knit the EZ shawl but not in fingering. How much are you using?

Cathie J said...

Such a beautiful pink shawl.