Thursday, July 18, 2013

We Have a Firewood Shed

My parent's farm sells alpaca sheds and firewood sheds. We were lucky enough to get one as a gift...a while ago. It has been at the farm waiting to be brought over to our house a huge mile and half away. 
Today was hot. It was one of those days that you just stand still outside and you are sweating.  I was at the farm this morning cleaning pens and my mom was rushing around hosing down the herd. She was keeping a VERY watchful eye on all of them and making sure they didn't have heat stroke.
For some reason this extremely hot day seemed to be the day that worked to finally get our firewood shed to our house.  I'm not sure who made that plan.

Thankfully our good friend has a pick up and a cool tool that can lift heavy things into his truck.  He and Freddy went to the farm to hoist up the shed into his truck. Thankfully my brother-in-law was at the farm and helped out too. Then they drove it over to our house.  We have a plan for where it is going to go....but there are flowers there right now and the ground isn't level. So the boys figured out Plan "B" over a beer.

Thankfully neighbor Mike was home and came over too lend a hand.  We decided to place it somewhere in the yard to hide something we don't like looking at. For instance the ugly shed that we plan on tearing down. But aren't going to until we have the money for a new shed.  Unfortunately I'd rather spend that money on baby-sitters and yarn. So the ugly shed will be with us for a while.

Fancy tool right?!

I helped by taking pictures and drinking a beer. Remember is was very hot out.

Time out- bees.

Like magic it was on the ground. Yes I did help out and yes I did get horribly sweaty.

So I had another beer. 

They boys helped too by measuring things.

Upon Tiny's final inspection the firewood shed is a perfect fit. Now we just have to fill it up with firewood. After the summer and once the weather cools down we will move it again.  And yes have some more beers. But for now it will help block the view of the ugly shed. Job well done boys!

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