Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 14: Movement

Day 14: Movement
Serious Swagger is now two weeks old and doing fantastic.  He had a rough start with his contracted tendons in his legs you can read about it here.  But he is much stronger and doing great.  MOVEMENT is not a problem anymore.
I was at the farm this morning helping out with chores.  I really love being on the farm.  I spend two mornings a week there with out my boys helping to clean the fields.  They are my two favorite days of the week.  Since I work from home and sit in front of a computer all day with endless pressure to get things done it is a nice break to get outside for a few hours.  Freddy likes to remind me that Harley has plenty of poop outside in our yard that I can go clean up, but it is totally not the same thing.
We are calling the new cria, Swag.  I can't help but have the song "Moves Like Jagger" by Maroon 5 in my head every time I see him.  Woo hoo he's got those moves like Jagger.
This morning he was just getting up from his morning nap.

big yawn

Now doesn't he look so cool in his cria coat?  It was chilly last night and he needed it. My mom and I had to race around the field to catch him to get it off of him.  He is getting so fast.

Swag's mom is on the left (Wdamo the brown girl). His aunt Annaschae (aka The Enforcer) is on the right.  Annaschae gets a hundred gold stars for her help with little Swag. Annaschae is an experienced mother and Wdamo is a first timer.  Wdamo was not letting little Swag nurse, but The Enforcer would get her pinned against the fence and make her stand still so Swag could nurse.  Now all is good in the nursing department. Thanks Anna!!!

Swag, "Look at me I'm blending in with the big girls."
Miss Maggie is due anyday. 

I think Swag knows she has somebody I there for him to play with.

"Come out and play with me!"

In other news Prince Harry is in town!!! How exciting is that.  All morning on FB my friends and relatives are posting that they have just seen him. He is here looking at the damage from hurricane Sandy. Since we got hit the hardest he is looking at homes in our area.  I wanted to go see if I could get a picture of him, but instead I was butt watching.  Maggie is teasing us with when she is going to have that cria.  Are my priorities straight? I don't know. 

Oh and how could I not hang out and watch this little guy playing around?

Swag has some really good bloodlines.  His grandfather was quite a star in the alpaca world.  He could become an excellent herdsire. But for now he is just adorable to look at.

I probably should have been doing something productive at this point, but it is hard to leave the farm when you think there might be a cria born at any time.  Miss Maggie didn't seem to mind me hanging around.

Plus my mom gave her some extra treats.

Annaschae came in for some treats too.


Swag just hung out and looked adorable.

Okay now it's time to play.




TexWisGirl said...

so glad he's doing well (and his mom is, too!) he really does have some pep, doesn't he? :)

Buttons said...

Oh I cannot see why you would want to leave this to go and see Prince Harry. This is just what a girl needs. B

karen said...

I think I just might be in love, sigh. Thanks for sharing the yawning photos are precious!

Debbie said...

oh andee....these are all wonderful!!

i watched the video on the farms fb page....he sure does have some pep in those steps. what a cutie pie and i think he got the perfect name!!