Monday, April 1, 2013


This year we had Easter at our house. It was so nice to spend time with family.  The day started out not freezing and the kids were actually enjoying playing outside.  It wasn't a very colorful Easter. Typically I get some pretty pictures of eggs and hunting for them outside, but this year it was gray and chilly.  Hopefully it with get bright and cheery out soon.  At least we were all healthy!
After things were winding down my sister-in-law mentioned she had never seen an alpaca. Then my other SIL said the same thing along with my brother-in-laws and niece and nephew. I was shocked they haven't been to the farm since the alpacas have been there so we all packed up in our cars and drove over to the farm (it is only about a mile from our house). By the time we got there we were all freezing.  I had grabbed some of my knits for everyone to wear. To keep them cozy warm.

Awan and Kigo were happy have some visitors and get some extra hay. 

Reno is a fantastic public relations alpaca. He let everyone pet him and he ate hay from the kids hands.

My SIL and niece did a great job modeling my Aidez vest and Imogen Cowl.

Thanks guys!
Today it feels like Spring!!! They boys are on Spring Break this week. Woo Hoo. I am so excited for a nice break from driving around from school to school to errand to errand and have more time to play!  I actually sat out on the deck this morning knitting my Mysterious Shawl and drank my coffee while the boys played with bubbles.  I can't imaging a more perfect way to spend my morning. 


TexWisGirl said...

glad the alpacas were a hit, even if it was too cold! :)

Deanna said...

Looks like you had a pretty perfect day, even tho it was chilly. How fun for the family that had never visited the alpacas.