Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Taste of Africa...

... in Florida at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge.

On March 7th we had dinner reservations at Boma, which is located at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge. My parents got there before us and my father had my camera with him. He snapped a few pictures before we got there. I gave him credit by putting his name on those pictures.
The moment we arrived at the Lodge I fell in love with it. It is such a calm and peaceful place. Compared to the crowded parks this was like stepping into another world. A world where the animals roamed freely all over the property, a world where bongo lessons were given to children and parents by people from Africa. Most of the people that work there are from Africa so hearing their accents just added to the magic of this place.

On the property there are lots of different place to see the animals.  No big cages, no plastic walls, just wonderful outlook areas.


In the picture below you can see balconies.  If you are a guest staying at the Lodge you get to sit outside your hotel room and watch the animals grazing.

sunset outlook

Tiny ugg...
The railings are just high enough so kids like Tiny don't jump into the animals' grazing land, but low enough that adults can view the animals unobstructed.

there are even cartoons at the Lodge

We had an amazing meal. Boma is a wonderful buffet. It was all African food and I didn't know what anything was, but we all loved our dinner and probably all ate too much.  But it was so good.

After dinner we found a cozy spot outside by the campfire.

Sitting around the camper fire is one of our favorite things too do.  Especially since it was so cold in Florida when we went it was nice to warm up by the fire and it was so relaxing.

"Igbo" wouldn't that be a fun name for an alpaca?

If you are planning a trip to Disney World I would highly recommend eating at Boma and visiting Animal Kingdom Lodge.  The restaurant is great for kids. I wouldn't stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge with young kids though. It is so nice and peaceful there and trying to keep my boys quiet would have been too exhausting.  But is a great place to unwind and relax.


TexWisGirl said...

looks like a really neat place. i'd hang out on the balcony for a long while. loved the zebra - so sleek.

Brian King said...

Awesome photos, Andee! I like the giraffe and the zebra! It certainly looks like the whole family had a great time!

Debbie said...

A photographers dream come true!! Happy to see more of your Disney pictures!!

Lori ann said...

so exciting! what a wonderful trip for you all!