Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Boys

I decided it would be fun to let the boys do their own photo shoot tonight.  I set up one umbrella light and my camera on a tripod. I gave the boys the remote shutter and let them loose.  They would take a picture and then run to see the picture on the camera.  They were belly laughing for so long it was so fun to watch them. 

Yesterday my laptop (no my father's lap top that I have been borrowing) finally got so bad I had to take it to the computer hospital.  It is still there. They called me to tell me that is a very uncooperative lap top. I could have told them that.

I took a picture of my screen before I took it to the computer hospital. They say that is the blue screen of death.

The lap top would shut down on me every time I tried to upload pictures. Hence the reason I haven't really been doing any posts lately. What fun are posts without pictures? No fun really.

So I have started working on the family Mac. Oh what a beautiful thing it is. A huge screen and it works. I can even comment on other people blogs! Oh that is so exciting.  Also now I can edit pictures again!!!!!  Even though I didn't edit all the pictures in this post it was fun to be able to edit a few of them.

This is Tiny's, I'm going to Disney World, face.

Oh it feels good to play around with my photography again. 

Oh and be able to link up with Ashley again!


Nancy Claeys said...

The boys did a great job -- so cute!

Sorry about your laptop, but glad you have another computer to work on. :)

Leanne Coppola said...

Told ya. That mac is your heaven and its been in your house this whole time!!!!!!!

Debbie said...

Andee, these images are just amazing. The serious one of tiny is priceless. You have gorgeous kids but you sure do a wonderful job taking pictures of them!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Okay, trying again... Fantastic photos and I LOVE that you let them take their own. How fun is that!!!