Tuesday, February 19, 2013

On and Off the Needles

I am working on an Imogen Cowl.  I am using Beaverslide 2 ply sport / sock wt yarn 80% fine wool and 20% fine kid mohair.  The color is natural buff and I love it. It is the same yarn I used for my Leaves of Grass.  I had an extra skein and a half from my leaves and was planning on making a hat, but instead I thought it would be perfect for an Imogen Cowl. I have attempted this pattern twice before with stash yarn, but it just wasn't the right yarn and I didn't have enough of it.  I feel this is the type of pattern that you have to love the yarn you are working with.  I took a snap shot of my pattern repeat above. It is 24 rows of pattern, pattern, pattern.  There are no brakes of knitting or purling a row. It is just lace and more lace.

I really do love this pattern.  Once you get into the groove of it it is smooth sailing. I've been able to maintain conversations with my kids and hang out with the family and knit it, which I didn't think was possible when I first printed the pattern.

I started building up my stock of inventory for the farm store. I get a lot of custom orders through out the year. I don't take any orders in December (which I always break down and take a few) and I don't take orders in January and February. I save those months for knitting for me.  But as the months are winding down I'm build up my inventory so next fall I'll have a lot to sell and be able to buy more yarn to make fun project for myself.  I find that is the only way I can afford my knitting habit.

I knitted four hats over the weekend for inventory and yesterday I sold two. Do you see why I have to start knitting for my Fall inventory now?

Happy Knitting
~ Andee


Debbie said...

just beautiful andee, i don't know where you find the time!!

i really love the earthy colors and patterns!!

Lori ann said...

oooh love that first photo, i know it's just a provisional cast on but the pink is so pretty with the gray natural color. and that dresser is so pretty, love your yarn bowl and your wedding photo!
but wait! is this pattern not charted?

karen said...

beautiful lace work and you talk while knitting! that is impressive. I hope to one day knit with this wool.

Deanna said...

While I was in Asheville I went into a yarn shop and thought of you.