Monday, February 4, 2013

Felt Balls

Tiny and I made some felt balls over the weekend.  First we laid out the roving. Then we rolled it into a ball. Then we used felting needles to firm up the ball. Then we added a spiral to it with a different color. We lathered it up with soap and then washed it under the faucet.  That was Tiny's favorite part! Then we let them dry and now they have fun new toys.

I am going to plan on putting these kits together with roving from my parents alpacas. I think it will be a fun project for the kids when they come visit the farm.  It really is a simple craft and the kids really did enjoy themselves making them.

A Harley update. He is doing great! My mom came over and we changed his bandages and I didn't faint! He looks great and is getting more energy everyday.  The boys have been taking good care of him and I think Harley finally appreciates them.

This morning we woke up to a fresh dusting of snow and it looks so pretty out.  I am so close to finishing my Leaves of Grass.  I worked on it while watching the Super Bowl last night. I think the power outage at the game was going to add just the amount of time I needed to finish, but when the game was over I couldn't keep my eyes open so I was off to bed.  Tonight I'll finish. Fingers crossed.

In bird news. My birds are back!  I moved my feeder to the front yard under a tree and the hawk hasn't figured it out so now every time I step out my front door I hear tons of birds chirping. I love it!

The only problem is the guard rail that is across from the feeder. It doesn't make for very pretty pictures.


Deanna said...

fun felt glad to hear that Harley is progressing and that your birds are back!! love the birds!!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Fun and good news. I love it :-).

Debbie said...

what a fun project and i just so happen to LOVE the color.

i find keeping the feeders as close to the house as possible really helps. 2 of mine are suction cuped to the window and the rest hang right from the easement. if you have a tree close by, they usually land in the tree and then hop on to the feeders.

Brian King said...

Very cool! I've never seen that done before.

ALF said...

If we ever make it to the farm again, I want to make a felt ball!