Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Some Knitting

I had better plans of getting all the things I knitted for Christmas photographed, but oops I missed quite a few.  Okay a lot. But I hope I'll be able to back track and get them photographed at some point.  Here are a few things I've been working on.

I am binding off my Ice Skating Cape. The pattern is by Cosette Cornelius-Bates and it is in the book "My Grandmother's Knitting".  This cape was originally made by a knitter for her daughter at last minute so she could have something to wear to an ice skating party in the 1960s. How fun is that. I would love to go to an ice skating party.   I think this will be so much fun to wear in the fall with my boots all the way up to Easter.  I am using Juniper Moon Sabine yarn. It is a mixture of llama, merino and cotton. I really love the color and the feel of it.  I was so upset when I first starting knitting it because the yarn was tied together about every 10 yards. I hate when yarn it tied!!!! It would have taken forever for me to spit slice all the joins... sigh. But the next skein was much better.

I made the hat below as a custom order for a customer at the farm. It is a reversible hat. I don't make too many of them for sale at the farm, but I really do enjoy knitting them. The customer was very happy with the fit and the hat so that made me very happy.  I used a combination of different alpaca yarns. They were all natural undyed.

I really enjoyed making this Norby hat. I have had it in my Ravelry favorites for a while and I was really glad to get it on my needles. I used yarn from my parents alpaca Mychrona.  Her yarn was spun into a fingerling weight and it was perfect for this project. I gave this hat to my sister for Christmas.

I saw the pattern for this Jasmin head wrap in a book and I thought it would be perfect for my sister.  I had some pretty Juniper Moon Sabine yarn (llama, merino and cotton blend) and thought it would be perfect.  I really really really enjoyed making this head wrap it is a fun pattern, but next time I'll modify it to a scarf instead of a head wrap.

I made another reversible hat in a child size. I used all alpaca yarn for this hat. It is 100% baby alpaca undyed.

I have so many more fun knits now I just have to track them down :)

Oh and I also sewed up a bunch of little toy alpacas and used yarn from my parents alpacas for their hair and tails.

Happy New Year to all the yarn alongers!!!!!


Debbie said...

So pretty andee, such special pieces and gifts!

Deanna said...

Love all your knitting projects. What a talent you have!!

Angela said...

Great hats! Love that Norby pattern . And adorable giraffes, too!

Brian King said...

Very nice work!

karen said...

Happy new year! Love your cape and the hats!! I was never a hat wearer but now in my "old" age I don't mind the warmth at all :)