Sunday, January 6, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

I don't know who is more excited today. Me for participating in the Scavenger Hunt Sunday again, or Tiny who woke up to see snow on the ground.  Tiny was so excited that there was snow he ran up and down the hall and woke up his brother cheering about the snow.  By noon it has all melted.  I was excited myself for the snow because I have really wanted to get some pictures of the alpacas in the snow.  In the morning we had about half an inch of snow and it was melting quickly.  So when I went to the farm to clean up today I brought my camera with me. I seldom bring it because it turns my cleaning time from one hour to two hours :)  But the boys were home with Freddy so I couldn't resist taking a little extra longer today.

So on with the hunt....

1. Breakfast
All of the boys have been put together in one fieldBlue loves it when I feed him his hay by hand.  But with all the boys in one spot now they tend to push him around and our happy quite time together just doesn't happen.  So I usually put a little hay in my pocket in case we get a chance out in the field away from the rest of the boys to get his special hand out.  However the rest of the boys are onto me and they take advange to get a little extra breakfast

 2. Multi-Colored
Reno's face used to seem solid white, but as his fleece is growing in it now looks multi-colored.

3. Starts with the letter "C"- Chew

4. Roll (Roll Call)
I wanted so bad to get a picture of all the boys in the snow.  It was melting so fast so I called them all to one spot in the field that still had snow.  I love that they follow directions so well.

5. Future
In the spring Awan and Blue (as well as the rest of the herd) will be sheered and we'll turn their fleeces into yarn and then I will knit myself some wonderful new sweaters.


TexWisGirl said...

cute bunch of boys. love the 'chew'. :)

Brian King said...

Who couldn't like faces like those? LOL! Love the third photo!

Debbie said...

I was outside a 6 am, for pictures of the snow! As you know I am experiencing technical difficulties so I am not able to share them ;(

These are wonderful, I am jealous!

Deanna said...

Oh your boys are just so darn cute!!