Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Brown Sweater and More Knits

Tiny is showing off a brown Hooded Pullover I made as a Christmas present for my nephew. Tiny and his cousin are six months apart in age and Tiny is slightly bigger than him so hopefully it will fit him.  I knitted it out of Berroco Comfort yarn. I really love this yarn for toddlers and kids. It is machine washable and very soft.  The pattern is Hooded Pullover by Debbie Bliss. The pattern calls for it to be made in pieces which I did in the past, but this time I knitted it in the round. It saved me a night of finish work. If I make it again I will be sure to knit it in the round. This pattern is from the rough and tumble series. Tiny did tumble a few times during his hopscotch game. I'm so glad he didn't get it dirty.

The hat Tiny is wearing the the pictures above is a hat I knit with my Mom's handspun yarn.  I used three different skeins of handspun to make a fun funky hat. My mother was determined when she was learning to spin that she wanted to make funky yarn. So I made her some funky hats.  The two hat below as well as the one Tiny was styling so well will be for sale at the farm this weekend.  I had one for sale last weekend, but it already sold. All of the hats have some yarn it them from my parent's alpaca Wdamo.  The dark brown lines are easy to spot in the hat below. That's Wdamo!

I made a pair of Pocketbook Slippers. This is just a great gift knit. I made these out of Eco Baby Alpaca. It is a rose gray alpaca that is 100% natural undyed yarn. I love working with this yarn. These little Pocketbook slippers look like little pocketbooks and when you put them one they are the warmest and toastiest slippers ever.  Also I love that you only need 100 yards to make them.

I've also been doing a bunch of sewing. I've made some camera strap covers. This isn't that great of a pictures of the straps, hopefully I'll do a better shot one of these days or maybe when they are all finished.  I also have a handful of other knits, but I sold them before I got any pictures.

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TexWisGirl said...

tiny is an adorable model. :)

Brian King said...

Fantastic job on the sweater and accessories! That's some skill. Love the pictures!

Deanna said...

What beautiful knitting and a very handsome model.

Debbie said...

tiny is getting and looking soooo big!!

i love those slippers!!