Friday, December 7, 2012

All Aboard

Tiny picked out this train set that fits in our Christmas tree. It is really cute and the boys just love it.  It is high enough in the tree that hopefully the boys don't destroy it.  I think this was my first time in years that I was able to put decorations at the bottom of the tree.  Now that the boys are getting older they don't pull off every ornament and brake them.  I think that is something worth celebrating.

I have had a ton of things to do on my plate.  I mentioned to Freddy last night that maybe I'll give up knitting for a few months.  If I didn't knit so much at night maybe I'd actually have time to do laundry and clean the house. But my anxiety level increased so much thinking about not knitting that I decided instead of giving it up I have to clean a room and do a load of laundry before I knit. Phew that is going to just suck. Oh well hopefully that will mean the house will be a bit tidier.

1 comment:

Debbie said...

your tree is so pretty and i really LOVE the train!!

i have never heard of one that actually goes IN the tree. that's a great idea. we still have to think about harley!!