Thursday, November 22, 2012


Today to celebrate my Birthday I packed up the kids and headed to the beach.  Most of the beaches are closed because of the hurricane, but fortunately I know a good spot to get on.  The ocean seemed very angry today.

The weather was beautiful. Typically there would be lots of people taking a walk on the boardwalk before their Thanksgiving feasts. But hurricane Sandy took all the boardwalks away. Now people just come to look.

Fortunately at this beach there wasn't much of a boardwalk, so it doesn't look completely destroyed and we can have some fun.

These dogs were having a great time too.

I so wanted to get a great picture of this dog running up to me, but Tiny insisted I get the sand out of his shoe, so I had to settle for this pic. This great dane was huge!

The hurricane has displaced many families and there were random things on the beach. Here is a light post. I have no idea what town it came from. Needless to say the hurricane has mixed some things up a bit.

It looks like the fox has survived the storm!  When I used to lifeguard on this beach we would see it.  It was nice to see it made it through the storm.

After the beach we headed to my parents for a wonderful Thanksgiving feast.  We had a great time with our friends and family.  Thank you so much to my parents for the great dinner.  I also got some wonderful presents today. Thank you Freddy, Brady, Tiny, Leanne, Liz & My Parents!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I'll be at my parents farm Friday, Saturday & Sunday for their Open House.  If you are in the area come on by!


TexWisGirl said...

well, happy birthday to you, andee! glad you got to go to the beach and let the kids run around and play. the big dogs are too cute, too!

Brian King said...

Love those rolling waves! Happy Birthday to you! Hope you had a great one and a good Thanksgiving!

Lori ann said...

happy birthday andee!! and happy thanksgiving, i hope it was a wonderful day all around!

Deanna said...

Happy Birthday & Happy Thanksgiving both a day late...but it looks like your day was filled with a good things. Enjoy your weekend!!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Happy Birthday :-D

Debbie said...

awesome captures andee!! the ocean looks beautiful to me, as i have not seen it since the storm.

happy birthday girlfriend!! i will text you if i am local and can get by the farm. it is pretty unlikely, as i have many commitments already this weekend!!

Honey Mommy said...

Happy Birthday!

Lots of white water at the beach, but the pictures are lovely nonetheless.