Friday, November 16, 2012

Alpacas and Arrows Hat

I wanted to make a hat with ear flaps, arrows and alpacas.  My parents farm is Arrow Acres Farm. So the arrows and alpacas are kinda my thing to knit.  I made up this pattern. I totally winged it and I love how it turned out.

I figured I would give it to someone on my list as a Christmas presents. Probably to one of my nephews.
I asked Brady to wear it so I could take pictures of it. Well he insisted that it was his.

I added a fun braid down the back. Brady is such a goof ball. I love him.

I made the ear flaps extra long so I could tuck them into his coat. Then the little ear flaps I added on the side are just there for decoration. I think the design works out very well.

I don't have a written pattern for this hat, but you can check out my notes in Ravelry.


Debbie said...

smart move brady, i would have scooped it up as well!!

no more modeling for brady, and i worry about tiny as well!!

perhaps you need to go back to that "head" you have!!

Deanna said...

Beautiful hat and the cutest model ever. Looks warm too!!

Brian King said...

LOL! How cute! He's a bit of a ham! The hat turned out great!