Thursday, November 15, 2012

Alpaca Life

Next week is my birthday! My birthday is on Thanksgiving. I am so excited. This only happens once and a while.  I always loved it when by birthday was on Thanksgiving as a kid because it meant I got a lot more presents since we got to see all our family at Thanksgiving dinner.  This year I got an early Birthday / Christmas present.  Freddy told me to pick out what I wanted at the Photo Center and he would go buy it for me.  I was planning on picking out a $20.00 remote shutter release.  But they had a used lens that I couldn't resist.  I am forever changing out my lenses so I am so happy to now stick one lens on and go from 18-200 with one lens. I am sure the money should have gone to putting food back in our fridge since it is empty from the power outage.  Oh well I am so happy I can't even express in words.

This morning I was at the farm and tried out my new lens.  Here is a morning at the farm. All the pictures are unedited, not even cropped just straight out of the camera.

Of course I had to get some pictures of Blue.

The back of Blue's ears are really cool. I wanted to get a picture of them to show them off. Easy right?

Blue put your ears up. 

Oh you bugger.

Okay I'll settle for a nice profile shot.

I love his spots. I can't wait for him to get sheared in the spring so I can make a sweater out of his fiber.

Blue hangs out in his pen with Awan and Bing.  Awan is the oldest of the bunch he is 4, Blue is 3 and Bing is 2.  They all play together like brothers. There is a lot of play fighting in their pen. They are happy boys.

Ox is now my second favorite alpaca. He used to be the first until I got Blue and since I own Blue and not Ox, he totally understands his bump in the rankings.

Ox is very sweet and inquisitive. His face was so messy and he let me clean most of it up, but well he thought he looked good with a little dirt.  I just love his face.

Kal didn't want to miss out on getting his picture taken. He hangs out in the field with Ox.

Ox and Kal share their field with Tsunami. Tsunami is my sister's alpaca and he is a pain in the butt.  He is on a mission to get to the girls and terrorize Kigo because Kigo gets to hang out with the girls once and awhile. Tsunami is so jealous.  Tsunami is the gray one below.

Kal just watches Tsunami's antics and goes on with his day.

Blue and Awan just chill in their pen watching Tsunami. 

Hi guys.

Kigo just goes about his day not caring about Tsunami or the girls. He is just a very laid back guy.

The girls also don't care much about what Tsunami is doing. They just go about their day. 

Wea is turning into such a fur ball. I love to see their fleeces getting thicker getting ready for winter.

Mychrona just wants a carrot. Sorry I don't have any. 

So that is how mid morning goes at the farm.


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Happy (early) birthday! How fun to get a new lens. Love your pictures!

JJ said...

Following from the Rural Thursday Blog Hop. Great site!

Pat said...

Such cute faces!

Brian King said...

Fantastic photos! Congratulations on your new lens! It takes sharp, clear shots! That zoom range is very handy.

Deanna said...

these are just so fun...they all have such cute faces, they look like toys. Looks like you are really going to enjoy your new lens. I have a 18-270 that is my go-to take everywhere lens. I love it.

Debbie said...

These are just amazing! Exciting about your birthday, Chuck is 11/26, occasionally his is on Thanksgiving also!

Lori ann said...

happy birthday andee! so exciting about your new lens! my sister loves her one good to go lens too. it looks like it takes wonderful photos, and those alpacas are so cute! i loved meeting each one!