Thursday, October 25, 2012

Super Dooper Pooper

A little alpaca news-

Tka better known around the farm as "Kigo" has been testing his manhood lately. My parents have starting using him as a herdsire. This is very exciting news.  Kigo is one of the coolest alpacas. He has such a gentile personality. He always comes up to say hi and he can't be calmer or sweeter every time I see him.  He is great around the kids, which makes me like him more.  His fiber is AMAZING.  My parents just had some of his fiber spun into yarn and I can't wait to make myself a cozy sweater out of it.

He is so laid back my parents were afraid that when they brought him over to the girl that they wanted to breed him with he wouldn't... you know preform.  It is kind of funny they actually took him to another breeding so he could watch a pro in action so he would know what to do.  Yes this is farm life.

So my parents were very pleased that when it was his turn he didn't disappoint. If all goes well hopefully next fall he will have some offspring on the farm.

A few times a week I help out at the farm cleaning up after the alpacas.  Today I was out in the field cleaning up poop.  I use a small rake and scoop bucket (it looks like an over-sized pooper scooper).  Kigo is always trying to help out while I clean. He nibbles on the rakes and always wants to see what is in the bucket.  Today however he took it to the next level. He actually walked over to me and pooped in the bucket!  Not the field in the scooper and he didn't miss.  What alpaca does that?  So I awarded him with Super Dooper Pooper award.

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TexWisGirl said...

that's a very efficient alpaca! :)

Debbie said...

haha, so funny!!

and yeah to more babies!!

Brian King said...

LOL! That's hilarious! Talk about a Kodak moment! :-) At least he was kind enough to save you some work.