Friday, October 26, 2012

Bear Country

Recently there was a black bear sighting in our town just down the road from our house.  We were not that surprised the night we got an automated call from the police that the bear had been spotted in our neighborhood and to be alter and use common sense if we saw the bear.  We see damage from the bear or bears and it was only a matter of time before one was spotted.

However it is still shocking to have a black bear in such a highly populated town so close to the ocean.  The picture above is of an old landmark place.  It is very run down and scary, but some of the grounds have been clean up, but most of it looks like the picture above.  The bear was spotted in this area. So if it wasn't scary enough before now it is extra scary to enter.

It looks like a hurricane is coming through our neck of the woods on Sunday and Monday. I'm going to make sure to get everything we need in case we loose power. You now the basics: water, gas, food, yarn, lots and lots of yarn.  Oh and lots of play-doh for the kiddies.  I'll have to go out and get some more fall pictures. I'm sure after this storm we won't have may leaves left to photograph.



Judy said...

What a gorgeous photo!! I simply love it!! The falling apart house, and the fence, and the Virginia creeper to add colour to the whole scene!!
I was mistaken for a bear last weekend!! There had been a mother bear and two cubs, a couple of miles from here. Annie (black Schnauzer mix) does look like a bear cub, so when we were walking a ways off the path, someone on the path saw her, and my black coat and dark hair (my cords blended in with the soil), and her first thought was bear!! Then I moved (I was photographing the hydro towers) and she could tell I was human). When we headed back to the path, she waited to tell me about her scare!

Debbie said...

the food stores are going to be a nightmare!!

just be sure to get enough yarn ;))))

TexWisGirl said...

yarn and play-doh. :)

Martha Z said...

You might grab a headlamp, too, if you don't have one. I found it very useful for reading and needle work when the batteries gave out at our solar powered cabin.
Good luck and take care!

Lea said...

Very interesting photo!
Hope the storm coming your way is not too bad.
Lea's Menagerie

Marie said...

Hope the bears stay in the woods! Love your photo.

Beth @ E. lizard Breath Speaks said...

oh, no ... i have no yarn ... i need yarn ... a run to the store is needed ... how will i go on? ha. ha!! you made me laugh. thanks!!! have a safe & sound weekend. (:

Jan n Jer said...

That would be scary to have a bear in your neighborhood!!! May you be protected from the storm...we are preparing also...guess I will have to buy some P.nut butter..thats an easy emergency meal if needed. good old P.nut butter n jelly. Go freezer is stocked...Hope we dont lose our power!!

Brian King said...

I guess if a bear is going to be in an urban area, that's a good place for it to is rather eerie looking! I hope the storm doesn't cause any damage or problems for you! I hope the bear doesn't, either!

Dianne said...

I guess the bear figures no one else is using the place
great photo

I'm in Monmouth County too
stay safe