Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Edit Me

Last week I missed the Edit Me Challenge because I was too busy. This week again I am too busy, but I snuck in a very quick edit.  The original image was provided by Amanda.  She lives in the Bahamas. I'm so jealous.

So the only thing I saw wrong with the picture she provided was that I wasn't there in person!  I have been to the Bahamas myself in 2004 and I'd love to go back.  My favorite part of the Bahamas is the incredible blue waters. There was absolutely no way I was going to crop out any of that beautiful water from her picture.  Again I'm so jealous.  The water here in New Jersey gets nothing like that.

So I cleaned up the beach and moved the kayaker. I thought the yellow kayak was a little too much so I used the color replacement brush to tone it down a little bit.  I added a Cyan photo filter and did some minor level tweaking. I'm sure I could go further with the edit, but I have too much else to do on my plate.

Thanks Amanda for providing the picture and giving me a little slice of heaven to look at for my lunch break.

My Edit

Here it is without the words. Oh that pretty water I want to go there now.

Here is the original picture provided by Amanda.

Swing by the Edit Me Challenge for all the other edits.


Amanda said...

WOW!! LOVE your edit, and we were going to that beach for lunch!! Love that you kept the water as well. Thanks so much for taking the time to edit my photo!!

Kiya/Delena said...

Great edit.


Amy said...

I love your edit! I love that you moved the boat and kept everything where it belonged! :) Great job!

Kaylene said...

Great edit, I like the movement of the canoeist. Cheers

Debbie said...

it's so pretty andee!! i have never been....i love the beach but not when it's hot!!

that sounds weird but i enjoy it most in the off season!! does the bahamas have an off season?? prob not!!

Brian King said...

Great job! Moving the kayak made a huge difference! Much more pleasing to the eye.

Anonymous said...

Nice edit - I love that you moved the boat!

Mariane (Denmark) said...

This is beautiful