Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Edit Me Challenge

This for the Edit Me Challenge the photo was provided by Rebecca.  As soon as I opened this picture it was just sweetness overload. 

Here is my edit

I rotated the image so she was staring right at you.  I added another hand and boot.
Then I added a few photo filters (magenta and deep red I think).  I did a bunch of other tweaking to give this a slightly edgy look to go with her awesome jacket.

Here is Rebecca's original


Deanna said...

wow, I am so impressed with your addition of hands and feet. Lovely edit...I will vote for you!!

k*handtke said...

ok, that was incredible. all the additions look so natural!

Debbie said...

it looks great andee!!

fun to play with a girl for a change!!

Anonymous said...

That's some fancy "footwork" with the cloning! Thanks for editing my photo :)

Heather said...

Wow you did amazing on this. Great job with adding the other hand and straightening it.

Brian King said...

Wonderful editing, Andee! You did a great job! I like it!