Thursday, September 20, 2012

Boys are sick

The boys have been sick for three days now with rotten colds. We have been cooped up in the house for too long now and we are all at our wits end.  The boys haven't been to school and I haven't gotten any work done and it is piling up. Boo hoo. I know. I can't really complain, but there I just did. I feel better now.

I came across this picture of Tiny from May and it made me laugh, so maybe now our day will get cheerier.  More laughter and less boogers please. 

I have had the slow cooker going with Chicken Jambalaya since 11 this morning and it is starting to smell really good. 


Debbie said...

ooooohhhh he is just too darn cute! I hope everyone feels better soon, it's a wonderful time of year to be outside!

Deanna said...

Colds are not fun, but your jambalaya sounds yummy. Hope you all are on the mend!!

Debbie said...

hope you guys are feeling better!!