Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Yarn Along- Ravellenics

I am participating in the Ravellenics a fun competition in Ravelry.  You are supposed to start knitting during the opening ceremonies and continue until the closing ceremonies of the Olympics.   I'm on Team Miss Bab's. I think... I may not have set it up correctly, but in my mind I am on Team Miss Bab's. 

I made the slouchy hat with Miss Bab's yarn. It is a merino yarn that is machine washable.

I made up the pattern for the slouchy hat above. It isn't anything complicated, but I'm planning on getting the pattern written and added to my Ravelry link.  I also think it is a very easy hat to teach when I give lessons.  I thought adding the tassel was just fun :)

Ravelry link- Slouchy Hat

ps- I thought I would have someone to model this hat for me, but I forgot so you are stuck with a slight picture of me.

pss- I also have a cardigan 75% done I'll post that next week. It is also being made with Miss Bab's yarn.


Lori ann said...

it is beautiful and so are you :)

Mami Dearest said...

Cute hat! The tassle was a great add :)

Paula said...

This yarn looks so yummy and squishy! I'll be adding this pattern to my favourites, it's very cute :-)

Alisa said...

love your hat....and the tassle is cute!!!

Debbie said...

what a cute picture of you!!

oooohhhhh the hat is cute too ;)))

swanski said...

The hat is adorable by itself and on you! Love the tassel!!!

Anonymous said...

Very cute...both you and the hat!