Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Lizard Guys

Tiny had some special guests at summer camp.  Silly Billy from The Lizard Guys brought some very exciting live creatures to the school.  He was winding up his presentation when I picked Tiny up and I asked if I could bring in my camera and they let me!  I only got to see the end of the show but it was so cool.

The presenter was Silly Billy. He has some totally rocking long hair and has a great way with the kids.  He said he has had the boa constrictor, named Jack Jack,  for four years. It was some one's pet but they had to get rid of it and now it lives with him and goes on presentations.  It weighs 28 lbs! It was so huge.  I can't believe how brave all the kids were to touch it.

Silly Billy told the kids about where the snake lives. He said it lives in damp jungles.  The turtle lives where it is dry.  Tiny had just been asking me about jungles and wanted to know if we can go to one.  After seeing the snake he told me he doesn't want to go to the jungle anymore.

If you are interesting in finding out more about The Lizard Guys you can visit their website


Brian King said...

Cool! I bet the kids did enjoy that! The boa is rather impressive looking!

TexWisGirl said...

the snake is so gorgeous! what a great program for the kids!

Debbie said...

snakes, not my favorites but great for the kids!! did tiny love it??