Monday, July 23, 2012

I Want to be Cold

Last week our central air conditioning unit broke.  Fortunately the weather wasn't too bad over the weekend so the house felt fine as long as the windows were open.  Last night it was cooler outside than inside, so we made a camp fire in the backyard.  The boys roasted marshmallows.  Brady and I spent the night outside in the pop up camper we have.  It was a fun little camp out.  Tiny was too afraid of the dark, so he slept inside with Freddy.

Today however the house is so hot I want to cry. Tiny keeps crying "I want to be cold."  Since I work from home I am stuck in the hot house until the AC is fixed, which hopefully will be today.  Oh how I miss air conditioning.  But the good thing that might come of this whole hot and sticky situation is I might finally start taking people up on their offers to pay me to take family portraits.  Otherwise I am not sure how we are going to afford to be cold again.  I used to take family portraits before I had kids and now just might be the time to start doing them again.  We'll see.


heyBJK said...

This has been a bad summer for AC's to break down. It happened to both my brother and my parents. People who lived through it prior to the invention of central air certainly put up with a lot.

Love the fire photos! Hope the portrait thing works out whatever you decide.

Debbie said...

andee, you should so do the portrait thing!! you take amazing pictures and you are great with people/kids.

good luck with the a/c, perhaps an afternoon "in" the pool would help!! my pool water has cooled down to 80, making it much more enjoyable!!

Deanna said...

Oh bummer, a broken AC in the middle of all this heat. And why not start doing portraits, you certainly take great pictures and I am sure your clients would love your captures!!

Lori ann said...

hee hee, sorry, your title made me giggle. not funny though how hot it is, or a broken air conditioner. so sorry! come here, we have fog and sun and much cooler temps!
and yes! take photos if thats where your heart is leading you!