Friday, June 22, 2012

Quarterly Top Five Photos

I am so excited about participating in the Quarterly Top 5 Photos. It is my first time and the prizes are amazing!  Here is how it works. I will be linking up with Ashley from Ramblings & Photos, Amber at Click.Pray.Love, and Sarah the NapTime MomTog and sharing my favorite five photos of my kids and pets from the months of April, May and June.  Prizes will be given at random so no pressure to have the best of the best.  I like that.

I just went back to look through my favorites and I was amazed at how many pictures I have taken in the past three months!  It is difficult to narrow it down to just five, but here are my favorites.   

I just took this picture of the boys the other day.  Brady has been getting himself dressed these days and his outfit didn't match at all.  Tiny was incredibly cranky so we went for a ride in the car, but when I realized they were not going to fall asleep for a nap we visited this little waterside park and I captured this picture.  Bad outfits and all, but I just love how it captured the two of them together.  They really are best friends and I love how Brady is looking at Tiny with that brotherly love little smile.  The funny thing about this picture was that they didn't know I was taking it. I had taken some and they were being goof balls, but when I lowered my camera they changed to this simple expression and I quickly snapped the camera.  I think the B&W helped disguise the mismatched clothing and made a simple picture of two brothers looking like little happy boys.

The above picture I took at the playground in April.  They were being goof balls once again.  I laugh every time I look at it.  Again they didn't know I was taking their picture.

I took this picture of Brady using the Low Key Lighting Tutorial Tuesday.  He was very cooperative as I told him to lay still.  I had some funny comments about this picture from things like "it is such a lovely picture" to "OMG you would have scared the poor child if he woke up and saw you over his bed with a camera and a flashlight."  He actually laid perfectly still for me and he did fall asleep during the shoot, but he knew I was there with the camera and flashlight, so I don't think I would have scared him :)

I love the above picture because the boys were belly laughing so hard as they were determined to get me with the hose.  I would run so fast so they couldn't get me.  I like to make sure we have several good belly laughs everyday and this day we had lots.  Also with this shot I used the Tuesday Tutorial: Shooting in Direct Sunlight

I couldn't leave Harley out of my top five.  He is like my first child. He is so funny. This is where he lays all day his two beds and a blanket.  His little spot is just to the left of me and quite often I look over at him and he is laying like this.  It always makes me laugh.

So those are my top five.  Be sure to check out all the other top fives!


heyBJK said...

Those are all fantastic! I really like the second one and the last one! Both made me smile. Best of luck with the competition, Andee!

Melissa Bliss Rich said...

Wow, these are stunning. You really captured some beautiful moments!

Debbie said...

i don't have little ones, or a pet!! i am free as a bird!!

the best moms let their kids dress themselves and don't ever say a word!!

these are awesome!!

Deanna said...

Love those pics of your boys. I especially like the b&w of the two of them hugging, such a sweet, sweet shot.

Lori ann said...

aw really beautiful andee, i love them all. i have to say though, these are so special now of course, but just wait till they leave for college (or just leave home), you will be forever grateful to have these. sigh. makes me wish mine were littles again.

Mimi said...

Great application of what you learned with lighting. I love how genuine the boys are with their belly laugh smiles. I must admit I didn't even notice the mismatch until you mentioned it =D

Sarah Halstead said...

These are all great. Love the fun brother photos.

Amber said...

Those silly faces are so fun! It is a joy to see the moments you captured this quarter.

Ashley Sisk said...

This whole set just makes me smile - what wonderful moments you've captured!

Amber said...

Hey girl,

Congrats on winning the Capture Life necklace. Will you email me your physical address and full name as soon as possible? Cinnamon Sticks takes a break during July, so i want to send her your info. prior to her break.


amboleslie {at} gmail {dot} com