Monday, May 7, 2012

She Went to Live on a Farm

     You know the saying "She went to live on a farm." Well this is a true story about a puppy who is doing just that in a happy way.  Not the sad version parents usually tell their children when their dogs grow old.  Her name is Naya and she was living on the dangerous streets of New Dehli, India just a month ago.  She was from a litter of seven, two of the litter were run over and killed by cars.  She was rescued and brought to the United States to be adopted. I should probably double check all my facts with my mother first, but I'll give you my version of the story.  I'll fact check later.

Her breed is an Indian Native Dog. She is very loving to my mother, but is still warming up to the rest of us. My mother picked her up from her foster home on Saturday afternoon and she is becoming less shy everyday.  We know it will take her some time to get adjusted to her new farm life.

My sister's dog Finn came over to play and Chase came to play too.

Brady gave Mommom and Aunt Lizzie flowers as they took Naya for a walk.

My parents farm must seem like such another world for this little dog.

But I'm sure she is going to fit in just fine.

There are more puppies that are in the same situation as Naya.  If you are interested in adopting a puppy here is the FB link to Rescue Without Borders so you can get more information.

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TexWisGirl said...

she's a sweet little thing, with quite a background story. :)

Debbie said...

oh she will for sure andee, what a cutie pie!!

that picture of your mom hugging her, WoW!!!

Anonymous said...

Great story and pictures! I adopted a puppy from a shelter who was brought to the States from the streets of St Croix. He was absolutely petrified of water and I hate to think of what he was abused with before getting rescued. He is a cairn terrier (toto from Wizard of Oz). I love reading stories about successful dog adoptions!!! :)
- Lindsey

Leanne said...

Beautiful pictures. You'll have to send this post to the foster family.

Z said...

We have one of her sisters! Her name is Daisy. Looks just like Naya only with more red color! We moved to New Delhi in January (on US Embassy duty) and adopted her from the lady who rescued her and her sisters mid-March. She was also very shy and skittish at the beginning but getting bolder and bolder with each passing day! There are more lovely pups where she came from!

Betty Manousos said...

what an adorable pup and i love all of these shots!

great story too!

thanks so much for sharing:)

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

She has a sweet face.

Nancy said...

A wonderful story with a happy ending. I'm sure Naya will love her forever home. :)

Tanya said...

oh this is such a wonderful post!! i'm so happy for naya and bless your mother for rescuing her!

Karen's Cruise Blog said...

She looks just like her sister Cleo. We adopted Cleo about a month ago and she is living in Cranbury now. Cleo is also very shy and scared of people, but has been making improvements and getting better. She is the sweetest dog and loves to play with other dogs. :)