Sunday, May 27, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I am rushing my Scavenger Hunt Sunday pictures a bit. Tiny is currently standing next to me tugging on my arm to go outside and play.  So without further delay here are my shots for this week SOOC. (straight out of the camera no editing).

Beneath Your Feet
This little guy had fallen out of his nest and I almost stepped on him

Capturing Movement 

To be honest I thought one of the prompts this week was "capturing a moment" oops it was "capturing movement". I had taken the above series of pictures as my mother was holding her alpaca Spicy. She was first up to get sheared and while they were standing in the door way together we were all laughing saying "Who needs the hair cut more Mom or Spicy?"  Well at least they are moving in the pictures I couldn't resist still using them.

This is Spicy's beautiful fleece.  She is now back in the field feeling much better with her heavy winter coat off.

Face Your Fears
I did edit this picture. I have to imagine this skydiver was facing his fears.

Currently I have been spending more time knitting than taking pictures.  I just realized this morning that I am about 100 yards short of yarn to finish this project. So I just had to order a new skein of yarn.  I'll be checking the mail box every day!


Deanna said...

Oh, perfect of your Mom and Spicey and I love that baby bird...great capture of the skydiver!! Good luck on your knitting, looks good so far!

Susan @ Sunflower Status said...

What fun shots! LOVE that your Mom and Spicy had similar hairstyles. :-)

Patti said...

Oh I wish I could knit like that! My mom was an awesome knitter, but I've never had that amount of patience!

Anonymous said...

Lovely knitting and love the color. I've not knitted for a few months, but I usually am not farm from my needles.

It almost gives me the creeps just looking at the sky diving photos.

Anesha said...

Lovely set, just love your first shot and the 'face your fear' one.

Andrea Dawn said...

That skydiving shot is phenomenal! Enjoyed the moving moments with your mom and Spicy. Lovely knitting you do.

Debbie said...

andee, when i first posted, i had capturing the moment for my dove shot. when i went to link it (one hour later because i forgot to link) i saw it was capturing movement. good thing the dove was moving so it worked either way. sooooo long story, even longer, maybe you got it from me???

great set, i adore the alpaca shots with mom!!

i hope your outside playing but it's getting pretty dark here and feeling a lot like rain!!

i have so much yard work to do, i hope it rains.

does john have any babies??

Ashley Sisk said...

Love beneath your feet - how cute!

Yolanda @ Chickens on the Moon said...

That bird is adorable!

Would love for you to come and participate in Observing Beauty, a weekly photo challenge that I am hosting with a few other bloggy friends. linky closes Friday.