Thursday, May 24, 2012

2012 AOBA National Photo Contest

This weekend is the AOBA National Competition. The competition is in Kentucky. A little to far for me to make the road trip, but I did send five of my photos there for the Photo Contest.  Here are my entries.

Category: Farm Scenes
Title: "Spring Snapshot"

This is a snapshot of our farm in April 2012. The pastures are lush, the trees are filled with leaves, the sky is beautiful, a horse carriage sits next to the kids clubhouse and the apple orchard is in the distance.  The alpacas look beautiful in their full fleeces.  It's a beautiful time to sit back and enjoy the farm.

Category: Black & White
Title: "Sweet Little Lady"

This little girl has such a sweet personality.  She is like a puppy always playful and interested in what ever is going on.  She is so sweet and I love how this picture represents her sweet personality.

Category: Cria
Title: "Joyful Birth"

This picture was taken a few hours after the cria was born.  He was the first male to be born at the farm and only the second cria to be born on our farm.  We were overjoyed with his healthy arrival on our farm.

 Category: Humor
Title: "Santa's Naughty or Nice List"
My two year old son dressed up in his santa costume and went out to visit the alpacas with his naughty or nice list.  The alpacas took the list very seriously.

Category: Digitally Enhanced
Title: "Rollin in Buttercups"

This guy was soaking up some sun in the field.  I laid down ahead of him to get the buttercups in the shot.  the buttercups and alpaca are unedited, but I did change the background out to a blue sky instead of a fence and house.  I took the picture of the sky on the same day.

Good luck to all our friends heading to the show!


Debbie said...

beautiful, they are all winners but i have to say my favorite is the black and white!!

heyBJK said...

Fantastic entries, Andee! You'll have to let us know how you do. Where in KY is the competition?

Debbie said...

i came over to see your sh pictures, you better get busy!! hehe