Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fly Like an Eagle

Have I expressed how much I love Wednesdays?! Wednesdays are filled with Yarn Along and World Bird Wednesday.  For the past few weeks I have been extra careful and made sure I take my camera with me every where I go.  To my luck today as I was heading to the store I saw this bald eagle!  I whipped my car around and parked and got out of and got a few pictures.  I was so excited especially after reading The Pine River Review.  My capture wasn't nearly as thrilling as his, there weren't any no trespassing signs and I didn't slide down a hill, loose my glass or meet ma & pa, but I have seen this eagle many times and have never gotten a picture of it.  So I was thrilled.

Not many people expect to see Bald Eagles in New Jersey, but I know we have quite a few of them.  There is a nest close to our house, so we get to see them soaring over our yard quite often.  I usually just stand and watch and enjoy the moment then run inside for the camera.  Today as we were watching the eagle my son said, "Mommy it soars like an airplane."

We also saw an osprey on our trip to the store, but I couldn't figure out how to park my car and get a good angle. I would have been more daring if the kids weren't in the car with me.

This post is being shared with The Pine River Review- World Bird Wednesday


TexWisGirl said...

lucky girl!!

Debbie said...

haha....we must be safe with the kids in the car.

you are so lucky. i have dragged chuck there twice and i did not see them!!

you should follow mike black on fb if you don't, he has some amazing pictures.

Debbie said...

oooohhhh and did you see the theme for the photo center contest this month, barns....i suggested it when i went there to buy my new lens.

i'm not entering, there are some amazing images, i will never win and i don't want to embarass myself!!

Springman said...

Wonderful post! That First shot is awesome, such remarkable depth, especially with that second eagle out there.
Thanks for the shout out too! My bum is feeling better!

Gemma Wiseman said...

Watching an eagle in flight is so exhilerating! Terrific photos!

heyBJK said...

Gorgeous shots, Andee! I have yet to photograph an adult eagle. Nicely done!

Larry said...

Well done Andee! It always pays to have your camera with you and at the ready. I can't tell you how many shots I have gotten with the "whip the car around and park 'n snap" method!

fjällripan said...

How great to get to photograph the eagle! :)