Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Warm Weather, Cousins and Baby Emus

We took a quick trip to my parents farm today.  The neighbors farm has baby emus.  It was the first time they had babies. The emus have laid eggs in the past, but because of the mild winter they actually hatched this year.  They are growing so fast.

We met our cousins on their walk home from school. Brady is wearing his wacky outfit.  It was "Wacky Wednesday" at school in honor of Dr. Seuss today.

 This is my sister and her three boys. The last time I took their picture together my nephew wasn't born yet. So it was nice to get an updated family shot.

I think Finn (the dog) was the most behaved in this shot.

 Tiny was trying his best to cheer up his little cousin and make him laugh.
I can't believe Tiny is almost 3!

And that is how boys play.

I hope you got out and got to enjoy the beautiful weather. It was nice to get out in some sunshine today.


Melanie said...

What a gorgeous family you have, & these shot are just beautiful! We live right down the road from an Emu farm, you've inspired me to go take some pics of them today!

OMGosh. The baby emu's are SO cute!

Lori said...

The baby is so adorable, naw!
The baby Emus are so cute, they made me LOL!

ALF said...

I love the one of all the boys where Chase is crying.

Deanna said...

I giggled when I saw all the boys ready for their picture and the baby was crying and others were making typical, but what a great memory. And those cute!! You will have to take more shots as they grow.

deb duty said...

So many great pictures! Looks like a wonderful place for boys.