Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tiny is going to School!!!

I just signed Tiny up for school. He starts next week. He gets to go and play for 3 hours in the afternoon twice a week.  I am so excited.   That poor school doesn't know what it about to happen to it. Watch out here he comes.

This will mean that I am kid free for one hour and fifty mintues twice a week! Oh the excitement.

ps- If you mention to Tiny he is going to school he yells back "NO!"


Leanne said...

Oh my. This picture is the PERFECT one to accompany this post. Good Lord...that school is not prepared. Hope he doesn't cry a river day one.

Anonymous said...

The face... Priceless! =)

Thank you for including Landon in your prayers... very much appreciated! =)

Andee said...

I told Tiny to smile and make his happy he is going to school face.

Debbie said...

haha...BEST picture ever!! perfect for this post!!

is anybody ready??