Thursday, December 29, 2011

Something Fishy is Going on Here

Today we went to Tropiquarium to get water for my salt water fish tank.  Brady and Tiny love helping me fill up my water jugs with salt water.  What boys don't like playing with water hoses?  So exciting.
We love our trips to Tropiquarium. I have been going there for what feels like forever.  I have had a salt water tank for ten years and before that I always had freshwater tanks.  One of my original starter fishes died the other day. I had him for ten years. I still have a clown fish and a damsel that have been in my tank for ten years.  Then just one other fish that I got about 5 years ago. At one point my tank was a thing of beauty. Now it is scary and hopefully will be back up to all it's glory soon so I can share some pictures of it.
When we moved I wasn't sure where I wanted to set it up in our new house. I am not happy where it is and I really really really want to move it across the room, but that is easier said than done. So I haven't put much work into it because of my huge hopes of moving it.  Well I don't think it is ever going to move, so I am finally fixing it up.

One of my favorite things about visiting Tropiquarium is getting to go up and down the isles and seeing all the fish.  I of course making it into a learning experience for the boys if the store isn't too crowded and we aren't in the way.  We go up and down the isles and I ask the boys about the colors of the fish, if they have stripes, dots, if they are in a rock, hiding, or just about any other descriptive words I can get out of them.

 Brady loved this fish. He couldn't believe how big he was.

 How funny are these catfish. It is like they are all in school. Brady thought they were funny too.


Debbie said...

i LOVE the first one!!

ICE is running through 1/7/12, it is not too far from the inner harbor, on the national harbor.

gaylord resort is stunning!!

Andee said...

I'm want to go now!