Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I Found the Penny

I found it!!!

Do I get a prize?  I hope this isn't considered cheating.

If you have never played the Find it game then you are surely missing out on one of the most frustrating games on the planet. If you have a toddler potty training I highly recommend having a find it. The beads are supposed to be in the tube and you have to shake it to find all the objects. You have a list of all the items in the container and you have to shake it around until you find all the items.  This has made potty training time much more enjoyable for me and Tiny. 

My husband has been getting very frustrated with my constant shaking of the Find it while we watch movies. I was so determined to find the penny.  I swear the boys broke it and I couldn't resist pouring the beads into a bowl to find the penny.  Even out of the tube it was still hard to find the penny.  I am so glad I can move on with my life now. The penny has been found!

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