Thursday, December 15, 2011

No Carrots for the Reindeer

This morning Brady asked if he could make cookies for Santa. I told him we can make cookies. Then I asked him if he wants to leave carrots for Santa's reindeer. This is how the conversation went.

Me: "Brady do you want to leave carrots out for Santa's reindeer?"
Brady: "Santa's reindeer don't come in the house. They stay on the roof."
Me: "Santa can bring the carrots to the reindeer on the roof."
Brady: " I don't want to give the reindeer carrots they are mean."
Me: "They aren't mean."
Brady: "Yes they are. They are mean and they are mad. They are not nice I don't want to give them carrots."
Me: "No Brady Santa's reindeer are nice."
Brady: pointed to many of the reindeer figures we have around the house "look Mom they are mad."
Me: "They aren't mad that is just how they look. How about Rudolph from the movie he is a nice reindeer?"
Brady: "No Mom all the other reindeer are mean to him and make him go away and live in the snow. They aren't nice. I don't want to give them carrots."

So that being said I don't think Santa's Reindeer are getting carrots this year. Brady had a pretty good argument and I am not sure how to change his mind.

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