Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hide-and-Seek with Mommy's Work

One of the things I do at work (well I work from home), so one of the things I do at home for work is draw molding profiles.  Many times our customers are doing an addition, their moldings got damaged, they want to duplicate a molding they had in their old house for their new house, the reasons go on and on. So I take a wood sample and I draw it in the computer, which then gets sent to a machine that cuts the steel that gets put in our molder and presto a matching molding just like the original. 

I usually have these samples sitting by my computer. I do many of these drawings a week and it is rare that my boys touch them. They usually sit on my dining room table, which has been taken over by my work. It is a very scary table most of the time so the boys avoid it all together, but I cleaned it the other day and the only items left on our table was my lap top, a few folders and my wooden samples that I had to draw.  Not five minutes go by that I look back to admire my clean table and saw that all my samples were missing. I asked Tiny "where is Mommy's work?" Tiny proudly exclaimed "they are playing hide-and-seek."  So after 30 minutes of playing hide-and-seek I found all my samples.  My table is a huge mess once again and I think I learned my lesson. Don't clean up and eat dinner at the kids play table or just go out for dinner.

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Andee said...

I made an error in the above post. It is not my lap top. It is my fathers. Mine is broken and my computer repair men told me it was a fire hazard, so they disposed of it. My computer is fixed, but is at the showroom and should be back in my house next week! I haven't had my own computer since September. I have had all my files on my external harddrive, but now that has gone missing as well.