Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hard Workin Boys

My boys are very hard workers. When they see something that needs to get done they just do it.  I am very lucky having such helpful extra hands around the house.  Hopefully they will be as helpful when they grow up, but as for now I am enjoying watching them grow.

Brady and Tiny were playing on our driveway (which as you can tell desperately needs to be repaved).  Brady was pushing Tiny in his toy car.
They like to go super fast and Tiny keeps his feet up. This scares the daylight out of me and I am convinced he is going to break his ankles one of these days.
They hit something. 
A dirt hill. 
So Brady grabbed a rake and got to work. Tiny said, "Brady can I help you?" Brady said, "no stay in your car." Tiny, "okay."

Tiny was in the way so Brady moved him.

Brady, "okay Tiny you can help me know." They loaded up the leaves and put them in the garbage can Brady found. 

 They got every last leaf.
 They dumped them in the leaf pile in the street and went back to get more. They did this until all the leaves were in the street.

And that is how my boys roll. They see something that needs to get done and they do it. I am hoping this is something they won't grow out of. 
Now if I can just get them to load up that large pile of wood in our backyard that my father is insisting he is going to get and take it to the farm then I will be in really good shape :)


Jill said...

This is really sweet!

Debbie said...

they are just adorable!!