Saturday, October 15, 2011

So it Begins

I have decided to start this Blog because I could not make comments on my family's Blog. I was getting frustrated so I decided to make my own Blog with the hopes of determining how to get my settings corrected on my family's Blog.  I started the set up process and after being denied the first 30 names I tried to use as my Blog name I asked my sons for help. 

Me: "What should I call my Blog?"
Tiny Terror: "Mommy's Blog." I checked it was taken
Brady: "Chicken Butt." I checked it was taken
Tiny Terror: "Mommy's a Princess." He just gained a million brownie points, so sweet.
Brady: "Thomas the Train", no need to even check
Tiny Terror: "Apple Juice, Come on My Couch, Couch is Broken, Change Me"
Brady: "Match the Pictures" It wasn't taken!

So here we are Match the Pictures. It is a game they play on my husband's IPad. I hope you enjoy this Blog and I hope to keep up-to-date posts.  If we all work together it will get done.

A little history on my family. I am married to a wonderful man I will refer to him as Fast Freddy on my Blog(because I think it is a funny nickname, he wrote a book and the lead character was Fast Freddy. I think it is fun to say, so for future reference my husband will be Fast Freddy). I have a four year old son named Brady. I can't come up with a nickname for him. He is Brady sweet, wonderful, caring, patient and very bad at his speech.  Hence this Blog is in part to share with the world photos I take that have helped him so much with his language development.  Brady had a large build up of wax in his ears and his speech was delayed. But now he has all the words and is getting better and better every day.  He has all the right words, but sometimes I think he leaves them for Tiny Terror to say.  Tiny Terror is my two year old son. He earned the nickname Tiny Terror because he truly is a Tiny Terror. His speech is unbelievable.  He never stops talking. If he is on a swing he will say "higher" with every push. He doesn't stop talking for more than 3 seconds.  Most of the time he runs out of things to say, so he makes up songs.  Brady is a big help with the song choices. Brady will tell Tiny Terror, "Sing the Ladder Song". Tiny will make up a song about a ladder and at the end the ladder always falls in the water. For some reason this is hysterical to Brady.  Dinner at our house takes an hour and a half, ten minutes of eating food and one hour and twenty minutes of Tiny's songs.

So here is our day.

I like to let the boys help cook most of the meals.  Today we make buttermilk biscuits into S-shaped Cinnamon twists.
Lesson: We work on counting how many we were making. What tools we need: baking sheet, oven, sugar, cinnamon, spoons and colors of twists before and after cooking.


Tiny Terror preferred eating the sugar

Red- What is red?

Red Peppers

Football Treats-
Lesson: What do we need to cut the cheese? A knife.

Count the pieces of bread.


Green Parsley

Tiny Terror discovered the stems were like straws.
We needed a spoon to put the meat and cheese on the bread.

Football treats, just need to put the under the broiler.

 After our cooking we went to a birthday party. Thankfully my Mom handled the Tiny Terror while Brady and I attended the party. We left the party and went to Headquarters (my parents house).

Across the street from their house is a field. The field has been vacant for a while, but as kids that is where our horses and ponies were. So we were so excited to see goats in the field. Hooray for goats in the field. Our excitement for seeing animals in the field were short lived when we discovered the gates had been left open and the goats were not supposed to be there and they were only feet away from reaching their freedom.  Thankfully the Tiny Terror was asleep so Brady, my mother and I were able to get the goats back to the field where they belonged. So the field is empty again.  Let me tell you it isn't very easy trying to convince goats to go back to where they belong.
The Coy Pond at Headquarters.
We helped Grandpop feed the canaries, get hay for the alpacas, and drive around in the golf cart.

More tomorrow

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ALF said...

I love the picture of the field. It reminds me of the many days I spent at Headquarters when we were younger!