Friday, October 28, 2011

Just Keep Knitting, Knitting, Knitting

I am pleased to let everyone know Harley is feeling much better. He is doing great!

Last night I hosted our Yarn Party. We call it Yarn Parties instead of Knitting Club because not all of us knit. Some crochet, spin, and knit.  So last night my sister Liz was working on her hand spun yarn that she is entering into the Fiber Arts Competition next week. I am entering also. So I got to keep an eye on my competitor!  We thought we were in different divisions when we entered, but we just realizes we are in the same division the competition is on!  My friend Tara was working on a fabulous bag and I taught Isle how to knit a hat. It is her first project I am so proud of her.  Usually at our Yarn Parties I pick something easy to work on. I tend to get distracted and loose my place. So last night I made a holder for my camera lens cap.  I never have a place to put my lens cap, so problem solved. I also finished up a hat I like to make for the farm. The name of my parents farm is Arrow Acres Farm.  I designed this hat to have arrows to keep with the theme of the farm.

 To make this hat I had two sets of needles going at the same time. So the hat is reversible. 

 This is my fancy lens cap holder.

Happy Knitting

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