Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Clam Bake 2011

My father is a member of a hunting camp in New York. We love going up to camp. While we are there we go fishing, catch newts, take ATV rides and eat great food.  These pictures were taken last month at the Annual Clam Bake.

This newt had a leech on his head. Eww.

Uncle Nick had the biggest fish on his line, but it got away.

Uncle Nick and Brady fed worms to their newts and watched them chow down.  I was totally grossed out by this. Eww again.

Tiny made a friend. A little doggie.

Grandpop(aka my Dad, on the left) shucking the clams.

Holding a branch keeps the bugs away. I very useful camp trick.

Cousin Dalton and Brady searched for little fishes in the stream.

Tiny caught some very nice rocks.

This is where they cook the yummiest chicken in the world.

This is the butter heater-upper.

This is where the chicken gets cooked.

Here come the clams.

 Tiny did not want to get his picture taken. But every time we go to camp we get a picture in front of the door. So whether he liked it or not we got the picture.

 The Out House

Thankfully there is indoor plumbing.

So that was our trip to camp.


Debbie said...

i have been nosing through your blog. now i know why you call him tiny terror ;)

great photo's, i REALLY enjoyed all of them.

i have a speech impairment from multiple sclerosis. my blog helps so much in my frustration to communicate!!

Andee said...

I am so glad you are enjoying my photos. You have only seen the start of Tiny :)