Friday, August 28, 2015

Fit Along Friday

I am looking forward to a wedding we have coming up. I had a dress in my closet that I thought would do for the event, but after talking to a friend she insisted I needed step it up a notch since the wedding is at the Brownstone. There are some fancy shmancy people on the guest list and I know it will be a dress to impress event.

So I went out and got myself a new dress. I love it. It sparkles :)  When I got home from the store I tried it on for the boys and Freddy. They all loved it, but Freddy thinks it might be a little see through. I suppose I could get a slip... or just do a few extra PiYo buns work outs this week :)

Today's work out was scheduled to be Fire 30 Class. I did that and Buns. I think this week I'll sneek in a few 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts. Autumn who is the instructor of the 21DFX workouts is not as nice and cheery as Chalene, but I think I'll let her kick my butt to get in shape for the wedding.


My second fitness and health tip is to not eat after 7:00 pm.  I personally eat in a eight hour window. My first meal (which happens to be Shakeology) I have at 11:00 am then lunch around 1:00 and dinner at approximately 5:30.  Apparently that is called intermittent fasting. I really don't like the term fasting, but apparently that is what it is. By eating in an eight hour window my body has time to process everything I've eaten.  The time that I am not eating gives my body time to go through a cleaning cycle.

If the term fasting scares you let it be known that you are fasting when you are sleeping. So everyone fasts. From what research I have done it seems that women do well with an eight hour window and men with a ten hour window.

I suggest you try not eating after 7 pm. Give you body time to process all the food you already put into it for the day. Resist the junk food after your last meal. You don't need it.

I used to have large fluctuations in weight, but since I started eating in an eight hour window my weight stays consistent and I feel amazing. Try it it's free :) If you want more information about it check out this podcast episode scroll down through the show notes and click play to hear the episode.

The Chalene Show Podcast Show Notes: The 8 Hour Ab Diet with Melissa McAllister: A Little Known Secret for Turning Your Body into a Fat-Burning Machine


It is easy to use store bought egg roll wrappers instead of making your own with the yuca root.

How are you doing with your fitness? Have you joined my Fit Along yet?

If you want to join me in my Fit Along here are the steps:

    I am recommending the TurboFire program for this first "Fit Along".

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