Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snowed In

NJ is shut down today due to a state of emergency because of the snow.  Rudee Tudee has taken up a spot on the couch arm to watch the snow fall.

Look we could almost see grass!!!! Now we are expecting 8 fresh inches of snow.

I have SOOO many new patterns written, tested, knitted, knitted again, gifted, worn, tested again.... I'm not quite sure why I haven't released them. I think my biggest hold up has been naming them and settling on the yarn brands. Such decisions between Madelintosh, Miss Babs, The Fibre Company and Blue Sky Alpacas! At least I have my buttons selection down. The wonderful owners of Wooly Moss Roots have been amazing and I can't thank them enough for their support.

Now it comes down to what to release first.... 

The scarf above I had a great time making. I've been thinking of making a matching cowl to release with the pattern. I am planning on releasing it as a free pattern.... I am just dragging my feet.

I can blame that on all my quality time with the alpacas these days.  Everything at the farm finally started to thaw yesterday. My mom and I had the back breaking job of cleaning up hundreds of pounds of defrosting poop and hay yesterday. My father stopped by the farm to get something and while he was there he snapped a quick picture of my mom and I.  Remember behind every skein of yarn is a dirty hard working farmer :)


Debbie said...

Love the scarf and that picture of you and your mom!!

karen said...

my Frodo is more than ready for spring and grass, he gave me the "look". I am sure you will come up with fine names and some fine wool brands to go with your new designs :)

susan said...

Looks like you made very good use of your "snowed in" time. Everything you make is just beautiful!
Just 12 days until Spring - Im in upstate NY with lots of snow so I'm definitely counting the days.