Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Rhinebeck Makes My Heart Sing

My trip to New York Sheep & Wool Festival "Rhinebeck" was AMAZING! I had such a wonderful day. I went with my sister Leanne and two of my nephews. Freddy stayed back at home and took care of the boys so I could run around like a crazy person at the Festival. Thank you Freddy and thank you Leanne for driving!  I had such a great time!!!!  The day before Rhinebeck my Outlander Cowl pattern started to increase in sales. I was having so many sales my pattern was at #8 on Ravelry's What's Hot list. Once we got to the festival we didn't have any cell service so I didn't check on it, but I can tell you I was glowing over the success of my pattern! 

I'll warn you I took a ton of pictures so I hope you have a cup of coffee. I'll try to keep my words short. I'll put all my links at the bottom of the post.

We woke G-man up doesn't he look thrilled! LOL. Chase was very excited to see the Sheepies. 

Jenny the Potter line is always the longest at the beginning of the day. I have one of her mugs and I love it. 

My shopping list was mostly for fiber. But I wanted to get a skein of yarn from Briar Rose Fibers. So that was my first stop.  I am in love with the skein of yarn I got. It is 2,200 yards of pure Rhinebeck colors.

Next stop had to be Pucker Brush Farm for a Party in a Bag. If you want to get one of these bags you have to get there early! I like to support farmers that I can only buy from at Festivals. Just like this booth. She has over 200 sheep back on her farm!

Then I had to treat myself to a Bullseye Bump from Loop.  I've always made their booth too late and I couldn't find a color that jumped out to me. NOT this year. I found the perfect one this year!  It pays to get there early!

I wanted to meet more owners of Fiber Mills so I had a bunch of them on my list.  I as ohhhing and ahhhing over the beautiful yarns from Bartlett Yarns Inc. They are a fiber mill out of Maine. I had to buy two skeins of that beautiful alpaca / wool blend. Oh I love natural colors!

Look Beth Smith!!! What I wouldn't give to get to go through fleeces with her! One of these days I have to take a class with her.  I really enjoyed her interview on the Knitmore Girls. I did get to talk to her at the book signing and it was fun talking to her about the interview. The Knitmore Girls had inteviewed her years ago, but just released the Directors Cut. She said she was concerned that what she had said in the interview back then might be different now, but she said the only thing that has changed is that she does like to spin woolen now.  I can thank her for my new found love of Cormo.

Harrisville Designs I believe processes Brooklyn Tweeds Loft & Shelter. They also have their own line of yarn. I was holding and squishing the Loft. I have too much of an allergy to knit with it, but it is one of my favorite yarns. It makes me sad that I can't use it for everything I knit.

Dragonfly Fibers has the brightest and most vivid yarns! I tried not to buy anything from them..... but I would have gone home very sad without any of their yarn. It is just too fantastic.

It was so fun seeing my friends from Chelsea Yarn!

It is so fun to admire what everyone is wearing. Rhinebeck is like Prom for knitters. We all wear our handknits and everyone asks what the pattern is and if they can touch it. It is so fun. Could you imagine if everyone had to make their own gowns for the Oscars! Then all those celebs might be a cool as us fiber junkies.  

This woman I had to track down and find out the pattern. This was the prettiest pattern in person. I was so impressed! I have to make one for myself. I was so glad once I got her stopped. Not only is it an amazing knit she is also the designer! I can't wait to make one for myself!

Leanne's shawl matched the berries at Rhinebeck.

Bunnies on the move.

I spent a lot of time watching the sheep get cleaned up. I tried to learn as much as I could to help back at the farm with the alpacas for cleaning up their fancy hair dos. 

"His horns are huge!!!!"

The sheep are our favorite part. We can't get enough of them. I want a flock of my own to have at the farm. I've been doing a ton of research on breeds and I want to know more about all of them. The owners of Roclans Rambouillets spent a lot of time with my sister and I talking about the different breeds that they have. We talked about fiber mills and processing our fleeces. I have been looking for a sheep farm that I could use to blend their fleeces with some of the alpacas. I always enjoy talking to other farmers.  Leanne wants this one!

If you want to get anything from Into the Whirled you have to get there early! The line by 9:30 is insane!

I stopped by the Cooperative Press booth because I wanted to talk to them about publishing a knitting book. But they were busy and I got distracted....

Look at my Standing Stones pattern on display at Miss Bab's booth!!!!!

I wanted to take a selfie with it, but my cell phone was dead and there were so many people crowded around it I am lucky I got this picture. Isn't that purple sooooo pretty! Thank you Miss Bab's for all your support!

A must at the festival is apple cider donuts. Even if you have to stand in line for a long time in the rain.

But while in line you can knit and do a lot of people watching!

Our new sheep friends showed their sheep and won ribbons!!

I want a whole flock of sheep this color.

I bought my sister a case for her knitting needles. It is for Christmas, but she had to have it now.

Even leaving is pretty. Next year we have to go over night and stay in this cute town.

Leaving is so sad, but at least it is so pretty!

Are you still with me?! I apologize for all the pictures. I really did have such a good time. I'll put all the things I bought in another post. I will also write about my favorite vendors at the festival.

Since I have gotten home I have been spinning and knitting like crazy!!! For reading I am taking a break. I finished "Voyager" and I'm catching up on a ton of shows I have filling up my DVR and then I'll start the next book in the Outlander series.

Pucker Brush Farm (no link)

ps- Swing my by sister blog for her version of our day- Arrow Acres Farm Blog


thecrazysheeplady said...

Yep, that's Rhinebeck :-D Great wrap up!!!

Debbie said...

oh andee, i LOVE all the pictures and information!! i should have gone but i think i may get overwhelmed, as i am so new to knitting.

please tell chase he is never to grow up, i just couldn't bear it!!!

Christina said...

Wonderful re-cap, I so wished I had realized Rhinebeck is driving distance and gotten the ol passport renewed, next year for sure.

Donna said...

Do NOT apologize for posting too many pictures of Rhinebeck. There is no such thing! I didn't get to go till Sunday. The stock in most places was pretty depleted but there wasn't much in the way of crowds. I got some Briar Rose yarn last year and I loved it. As a matter of fact, that's what I used in my latest shawl. Can't wait to go again next year!

Gracey is not my name.... said...

Every year I say I am going to take more pictures, but I somehow don't...I posted my take on this year on much fun every year...

Anonymous said...

Hi! I was at Rhinebeck, too! It was my first time attending - all the way from Utah! My favorite things were seeing all the knitted wear and the animals. Oh, and the apple cider doughnuts! How flattering to have your design at the Miss Babs booth! My aunt was able to get two skeins of her Rhinebeck 2014 yarn. So fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I was at Rhinebeck, too! It was my first time attending - all the way from Utah! My favorite things were seeing all the knitted wear and the animals. Oh, and the apple cider doughnuts! How flattering to have your design at the Miss Babs booth! My aunt was able to get two skeins of her Rhinebeck 2014 yarn. So fun!

autumngeisha said...

Rhinebeck is on my knitting bucket list. Thanks for the re-cap and the lovely pictures! Hoping to get there next year.

Lori ann said...


Angela said...

Flock and Fiber festivals are the best. Oh, they're just a paradise, aren't they? I haven't been able to get to the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival for a number of years, so it was fun to see all your pictures from your trip. So much gorgeous fiber!