Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Project Sweater Chest

When Susan B Anderson talked about #ProjectSweaterChest I thought I want to be part of that! She was looking to make approximately 12 sweaters that she could use for everyday. Since I work from home I mostly knit sweaters for wearing around the house, to the bus stop and grocery store. I have quite a few sweater designs all worked up that fit my needs perfectly. Now about getting them photographed and published is another thing. I finally took the time today to get most of my hand knit sweaters together and photographed in the beautiful wooden chest my grandfather built for me. It has a custom stand to, but I found that if I put it up on my little table the light was much better.  Oh I love hand knits sweaters!

I am currently working on a new sweater pattern for myself. I was SO EXCITED when I was able to buy a Fat Squirrel Bag! I always try to buy one when she does the updates, but she sells out so quick! I think they are all usually sold out in 30 seconds. So I was so so excited when I got this beautiful Aran Sweater bag into my cart!  I was even more excited when I got it in person and realized that it matches the sweater I am working on right now! That was pure dumb luck!!

And not to look like an entirely selfish knitter the kids have sweaters too.

Tiny has two sweaters (Arshile the red one and Tiny's Orange Sweater) . But only one fits him. But for the record they have refused to wear my hand knits. But now they love to!!! I plan on filling their chests up with hand knits too!

Brady's gray sweater is a new pattern of mine. I'm still working out sizes and details. But in the mean time he has loved wearing it.

Do you like the boys toy boxes??? I do!!! I designed them along with my brother-in-law Nick. He built them custom for me.  I know they will be pieces the boys will have forever. Hopefully someday with some hand knit blankets that...... I have been promising them for a few years now.

And in super exciting knitting and fiber news I'm heading to Rhinebeck this weekend!!!!!!! My sister Leanne and I are going together on Saturday.  I am so excited I can't stand it.  Rhinebeck is so the prom for knitters. I love seeing everyone in their hand knits! I am going to be stalking out a lot of other bloggers, podcasters and designers! I have my shopping list together and I can't wait to be in a place with thousands of other crazy fiber loving people too! Only a few more days!!!! My sister and I are planning on joining up for the Ravelry group photo so maybe I'll see you there!!!!!!

Oh I almost forgot for reading I finished listening to the third book in the Outlander Series "Voyager". I am so obsessed and I can't wait to start the next book!

ps- If you haven't seen Susan video's of her trying on her sweaters you must go watch this one and this one.


Donna said...

I want to partake in the Sweater Chest project too. I need to start some knitting! Well, and buy a chest too I guess. I love the chests you designed for the kids. They look great.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Her sweater show video is priceless! Didn't realize there were two. Have a great time at the prom :-D.

Zauberflink said...

Wow, look at all your treasures! Such beautiful sweaters and boxes too!
Lena x

karen said...

have fun at rhinebeck! love the chests and the sweaters and the sweaters to come!

Debbie said...

those chests are gorgeous!!!!