Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Yarn Along

Over the two weeks Tiny was recovering from his tonsil and adenoid surgery I got a ton of knitting and spinning done! I have quite a few other projects but I'll hold off sharing them until they are finished up.  To start I finished up an Outlander Cowl. I used Cascade Yarns Pure Alpaca it is a beautiful orange color that I think is perfect for Fall. I had plans of selling or gifting this cowl, but I've decided I need to keep it for myself.  I have quite a few other Outlander Cowls, but I have them as samples and I can't wear them, so this one will be mine to wear as much as I want :) 

If you have seen me at a kids birthday party, bus stop, doctors waiting room, car ride, camping trip.... you have probably seen my "Never Ending Scarf". It is a mindless knit I am doing. I am just knitting in a round and not following a pattern. I purchased the yarn from Chelsea Yarns and I have had it with me where ever I go. I am using US 1 circular needles. I realized the other day that I am almost out of yarn! Since I hardly ever do more than 5 rows at a time this has been a long long long project.

It has been all crinkled up in my bag and I was shocked how long it is getting when I pulled it out for pictures.

I haven't woven any of the ends in, but since it is for me I think I am going to let them all hang out in the center. I'll be the only one that knows it isn't finished properly.  I can live with that.

Have a wonderful day!


fjord girl said...

Beautiful- both. They looks so warm and cozy.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Fun scarf!!

Creative Design said...

Both are just lovely! Love the color of the cowl especially. I'm happy to have it cool down a bit here in the USA and get out some wool.


Debbie said...

oh they are beautiful!! That scarf is sooooo fun!!

karen said...

your scarf is gorgeous and I cannot believe it's not planned out because it looks like there's thought! I love having that kind of project in my bag :)