Monday, September 15, 2014

Allaire Community Farm Birthday Party Style

Over the weekend we helped our friend celebrate her birthday at Allaire Community Farm. Although the farm has been there as long as I can remember there are new owners there and they are doing some really fun things. They have an education program and camp for kids to learn about animals, farming, bees, gardening.... basically lots of good stuff. They also have birthday parties and pony rides.

Okay maybe this isn't a pony. That my friends is a big horse. But the most gentle horse on the farm.

This is the sweetest donkey ever and the sheep loved to be pet! They are rescues and are loving their new home here at that this farm. They love all the special treats!

The kids loved getting to hold brushes and brush the donkey.

I think the donkey liked it too.

The kids were all allowed to give grain and carrot treats to anyone that wanted them.
They all wanted treats!

The goats are just too funny! I brought my three year old nephew with us and he loved that the goat was on the house!

That is one huge pig. But it was also one very friendly pig don't let her size scare you.

They have bee hives and we learned so much about bees. There are three hives in this the one on the right lost it's queen, but the other two are doing very well. They have other hives in other places at the farm, but I loved being able to see the bees.  They also grow vegetables and have fruit. The bees help all the plants growing on the farm.

I loved getting to see all the chickens. The kids got to give them popcorn.

All the kids also got to collect eggs. They sell their eggs at their co-op.

The party was broken down in groups. There was the hayride, animals, and pony rides. 

This was the great group of people that made the birthday party so much fun.

Thank you to our friends for inviting us and thank you to Allaire Community Farm for the great memories!


Andi said...

What a brilliant farm! Have to say I love that big pig. :)

Ida said...

Neat place to visit and celebrate a birthday. - Lots of great fun seems to be going on here.